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SureShots is a competitive volleyball club based in New Jersey whose goal is the development of volleyball athletes within a team structure. It is our desire to see each of our athletes develop into well-balanced and successful young people through hard work and united team vision. We view team sports as a tremendous tool in any young person’s growth—those without it are missing out on a great opportunity and a great experience. Our teaching goes far beyond the skills, techniques and strategy. We are interested in giving girls the tools that they need to experience real growth and learning through our organization. We stride to keep the game in perspective and use volleyball as a vehicle to have an impact in their life’s. They will learn how to work together and support each other during the most difficult times as teammates. SureShots coaches are flexible in their approach to their players and try to effectively take an interest in the athlete’s life off and on the court using humility, a clear line of communication and leadership!