Coach Grant & Silva aiming to grow this statistics.

Lateral Jumps
Push Ups



14s-EnriqueTues & Friday7pm-pm
15s-GeorginaMon & Thursday7pm-pm
16s -FernandoTues & Thursday7pm-pm
16s -LeahWed. & Friday7pm-pm
17s – EddieMon & Wednesday7pm-pm
18s – EnriqueMon & Wednesday7pm-pm
18s – MelvinMon & Wednesday7pm-pm

LOCATION: Joseph Kushner Academy, 110 S Orange Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039

  • All athletes are to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled practice time.
  • Be dressed and ready to hit the court at the scheduled time

Get Up And Spike With Us!

The Sure Shots Volleyball Club is positioning itself as a leader in the sport. SureShots focus is on developing players and building a strong club but their work does not stop there. Using sports and athletics they will also teach young girls confidence and self-esteem that they can use in all aspects of their lives. They will learn how to work together and support each other during the most difficult times. While we are a competitive volleyball club we hope to establish a real sense of community and family within our team and club structure.

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Coach Eddie Grant

SureShots Volleyball Club is one of the premier junior club volleyball organization in New Jersey.  The inspiration of the club is driven by the heart and soul of Coach Eddie Grant.  Coach Grant provides consistent coaching all year round that reinforces core values.


By enrolling with the SureShots Volleyball Club you will be setting yourself up for success on the court, in the classroom and in your social life. For more information about this opportunity please email:

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